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Recent from Blog

02 Feb 2019

[Coach Joe] Your Daughter NEEDS A Strength & Conditioning Program

Three Reasons Your Daughter Needs Strength Training …Written By A Biased Male Strength Coach .......With Killer Testimony By Some Pretty Badass Females! This post could easily be my own rant about increasing power and strength, metabolic adaptations, and bone and tissue resilience...
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16 Oct 2018

[Coach Ari] The Importance of Hip Mobility and Core Strength for Golfers

The execution of the golf swing is a “feet to fingertips” athletic action- the entire kinetic chain is utilized. In order to perform proper movement throughout the golf swing requires certain levels of joint mobility and core stabilization. If certain joints (i.e. hips) are limited in terms of...
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31 Aug 2018

[Coach Joe] The only person that can change it is....YOU

If you want to see change, YOU have to change. That may sound silly but some of us don’t live that way. We want to lose weight but eat the same garbage day after day. We want to get stronger but lift the same weights over and over. We wonder why the person in the mirror doesn’t...
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31 Aug 2018

[Coach Karlee] 10,000 Hours

What’s it going to take?? I ask myself this question all the time…What’s it going to take to be at the top of my game?  To be at the top of the heap? To be the best at anything? As an athlete, I think about this question often.  Being around other athletes makes me wonder how many...
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13 Aug 2018

[Coach Ari] How To Avoid Workout Burnout

Not excited to go to the gym? Are you dreading your next workout? Find yourself saying "maybe tomorrow" more than three days in a row? Odds are, you're experiencing some type of burnout. This doesn't necessarily mean you're 'over' the gym, either. Odds are, there's something in your life that is...
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18 Jun 2018

[Coach Joe] Why Your Kid Does NOT Need Speed & Agility Training

The most popular request that we hear from parents is "My son/daughter needs to focus on speed and agility training" Well maybe, but maybe not. Maybe your kid needs to learn how to move in general. Maybe your kid needs to get a little stronger so he can control his own bodyweight to avoid...
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