Take Your Game To The Next Level and Get The Attention From Coaches That You Deserve!

Become lightning fast, more explosive, and stronger than everyone else on the field by joining the O.B. Training Sports Performance Programs.
Even if you’re swamped with homework, after school activities and traveling for games you can drastically improve your speed, quickness and explosive ability in a few short workouts each week.

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What We Specialize In:

Helping Busy, Club Sport Athletes stand out amongst the competition by dramatically increasing their speed, explosive power, functional strength and ability to stay healthy and injury free.

How We Do It:

Our Proven system focuses on all aspects of athletic development. We’re known for developing fast and explosive athletes in the most effective and efficient manner.
The O.B. Training Sports Performance Program focuses on developing:

Functional Strength

Develop strength that is specific to your sport and keep you performing at the highest level.

Flexibility and Mobility

Athlete’s don’t only need to be strong, they also have to be able to move. We focus on increasing and maintaining each athlete’s flexibility and mobility (especially working on their POSTURE).

Lightning Speed

SPEED kills. Each training session we focus on some aspect of speed development and teach every athlete the fundamentals they need to be FAST.

Agility and Quickness

Just like SPEED you have to be QUICK. We also focus on developing unstoppable quickness during each workout.

Explosive Jumping Power

Learn how to increase your Vertical Jump instantly and continue to improve it each season.

Rapid Recovery

Recovery is often neglected by young athletes so it’s our job to educate them on how to properly hydrate, and fuel themselves to perform better and recover properly.

Building Character and Building Confidence:

One of our most important responsibilities is helping to develop the character and confidence of each athlete that we work with. The reality is that these young athletes are going to grow up to become young women and young men. Along with teaching them about developing their athletic ability we strive to guide them in developing their character and confidence to go out and take on the real world.